The Pro Studio Model Part II

The Mid Level Commercial Studio

The mid level pro studio is designed to accommodate second tier clients who don't maintain the success and budget of the elite in the music industry. These studios are often better equipped than the state of the art studios but do not have the same look and feel. So what do you find in a mid level studio?

Here is a short list:

  1. Good to fair quality acoustic design
  2. Good to great Microphone selection
  3. Good to great selection of pro audio gear
  4. Mid to high end monitoring systems
  5. Small or semi private lounge
  6. Less attractive aesthetic

Occasionally, studios in this realm have questionable acoustic design issues. Proper acoustic design can be the most expensive part of a properly designed studio. To save money and cut corners, these compromises can sometimes lead to unexpected results when you leave the studio thinking you have a great recording or mix.

The Small Commercial Studio

The small commercial studio is typically, though not always, a private facility that accommodates clients who are working on a consistent basis. A small studio often appeal to producers who are developing new artists and working on a limited budget.

Small commercial studios often require unique business models to stay open. These models vary from studio to studio. Many of these studios are partnership deals between two or more producers where the expenses and studio time are divided between the members. Members usually gather resources, audio gear, microphones and combine their skills to design and build the studio. Each member is responsible for covering their share of the expenses and each earns their own profit for everything above.

Yet another small commercial studio model involves a single owner that rents small recording spaces on a monthly basis to producers. The rooms can be equipped or empty depending on the studio setup. When equipped, this gives a producer the advantage of a workspace without the expense of purchasing the equipment themselves.

In house production facilities maintain office space for music production companies, managers and small record labels. Small studios are built and made available to these small companies to develop talent and produce demos. Depending on how well equipped these facilities are, even complete professional productions can be created for commercial sale or promotional purposes.

Other Types of Pro Studios

Commercial studio facilities cover a large variety of uses other than music. The whole post production studio world covers the vast needs of audio for video production. This includes everything from voice overs, sound effects and foley work to music. Every movie, TV show and commercial ad requires a studio for the recording, editing, processing and mixing of the audio that is part of the the final product.

Pro studios come in an infinite number of shapes, sizes and purposes. Whether you are booking or building a studio, you must understand what the design and purpose of the studio is before you start spending money. In the links that follow, I will discuss, with more exacting detail, studio design, equipment and how quality pro studios are built.

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