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This page details the private instruction services including music production lessons provided by Private instruction services generally fall into one of 3 basic categories.

  1. Music Production
  2. Audio Engineering
  3. Career Development

1. Music Production Lessons:

The purpose of the music production lessons category is to provide professional private instruction on music production techniques. Depending on the purpose of your consultation, the lessons may range from very specific questions to more general "tell me what I'm doing wrong here" questions. The initial consultation is typically longer in length so I can assess your needs and degree of proficiency.

Music Production Lessons may be purchased one at a time or as a package deal at a discounted rate. (See Rates below) Specific reading or viewing materials may also be provided as homework to expand on the lesson material.

2. Audio Engineering Lessons:

Audio engineering lessons are provided to focus on specific recording, editing and mixing techniques. They are similar to music production lessons but focus more on the engineering aspect of music production.

Lessons can include instruction on:

  • Acoustics
  • Basic Audio Principles
  • Signal Flow
  • Miking Techniques
  • Tracking Sessions
  • Overdubbing Sessions
  • Recording Session Management
  • How to use Compressors
  • How to use Equalizers
  • DAW instruction
  • Mixing Techniques.
  • Etc…

    Audio Engineering Lessons may be booked as a package deal for discounted rates or as single sessions for specific issues. (See Rates below) The initial lesson is typically longer in length so I can assess your needs and degree of proficiency.

    3. Career Planning or Development:

    If you are considering a career in music production or audio engineering, I can give advice that will save you loads of time and money. If you are stuck in an unfulfilling music production job, I can help to kickstart your career.

    I provide professional advice that is completely unique to each individual based on their specific career goals. After a brief consultation I will assess your goals, knowledge, strengths and weaknesses and give advice for the best course of action.

    I have worked professionally for over 10 years in the educational industry for music production, both public and private. I have also worked professionally for over 20 years training recording studio personnel. I have seen and experienced the strengths and weaknesses of all the educational paths to music production and will know what path is best for you. Click here to view my professional credentials and discography.

    Most private instruction classes are 1 hour in length and are booked based on availability. Longer sessions may be requested, but are not generally advised. A series of private lessons may be booked for discounted rates.

    Single private lessons are $150 per hour.
    3 lesson package - $125 per hour
    6 lesson package - $100 per hour
    10 lesson package - $80 per hour

    Final Thoughts:

    If you have any further questions, regarding our Private Instruction Services, you can submit them on the form provided below. Check the box for the specific service(s) you are inquiring about and use the Comments or Questions box to ask your question. If necessary a free 10 minute phone or Skype consultation can be requested if the number of questions is too great for the form.

    I look forward to doing business with you!

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