Home Recording Workshop

The Home Recording Workshop consists of 7 online classes specifically designed to instill a professional approach to the home studio environment. The principles you will learn in this workshop have been used by professional recording engineers and music producers for decades.

This workshop will translate a professional approach to recording into simple concepts that work perfectly for the home studio environment. After learning and integrating these fundamental principles, your ability to understand more advanced recording techniques will be a breeze.

The Home Recording Workshop will provide beginner to intermediate level information about your home studio. This workshop consists of the most important information you need to create an efficient and productive home recording environment.

The Program

CLASS 1: Home Studio Basics Part 1

  • The Basic Equipment You Need
  • Evaluating Your Existing Gear
  • Upgrading Your Existing Gear
  • Address Your Most Important Needs First
  • Balancing Your Budget

CLASS 2: Home Studio Basics Part 2

  • Studio Layout and Configuration
  • Acoustic Treatments
  • Monitoring – Speakers and Headphones
  • Hardware and Software Basics
  • Understanding Your Software

CLASS 3: Basic Recording Techniques 

  • Basic Acoustics
  • Microphones
  • Interfaces
  • Using External Compressors and EQ
  • Understanding Signal Flow
  • How to Prepare for Recording

CLASS 4: Recording Software 

  • Software Signal Flow
  • Managing Songs
  • Organizing Performances – Takes and Tracks
  • Managing Latency
  • Working With Click Tracks
  • Recording Other Musicians
  • Recording Yourself
  • Using Samples
  • Using Software Instruments

CLASS 5: Editing and Plugins 

  • Audio Files and Regions
  • Editing Audio
  • Editing Midi and Software Instruments
  • Pitch Correction and Plugin Processing
  • Saving Your Edits

CLASS 6: Mixing in the Home Studio 

  • Setting Up a Mix
  • Levels, Panning and Subtractive EQ
  • Compression and Additive EQ
  • Effects Processing Techniques
  • Automation and Printing the Final Mix

CLASS 7: Mastering in the Home Studio 

  • The Mastering Process Step by Step
  • Mastering Software
  • Mastering for CD
  • Processing Techniques for Mastering
  • Exporting the Final Master

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