An Overview of Home Music Production Part II

The Native Revolution

The door for home music production swung wide open with the evolution of computer technology during the 2000's. Digital audio recording in the 90's was still subject to expensive processor cards. These PCI cards were necessary to deal with the heavy workload of audio processing and plugins. The CPU of the host computer, mostly responsible for running the graphic user interface portion of the software, was not quite ready to deal with all the audio processing on its own.

Enter 2000. The rapid development of computer processing technology finally reached a critical threshold with audio that would eventually render those "big" Pro Tools rigs and their PCI cards obsolete. Software manufacturers were becoming less restricted by the need for external processing power and the exorbitant costs of research and development. The computer companies would do all that work for them. What we have seen ever since is the development of software that no longer relies on the processing power of a Pro Tools system to sell their product.

Recording technology headed to the home studio at progressively faster rates and with lower and lower price points. Each year would see faster CPU speeds, larger hard drive capacities and better RAM capabilities. The range of software programs for audio would grow dramatically during this time. New programs are catering to the needs of DJs, musicians, songwriters, beat writers and producers as well as audio engineers.

The Future of Home Music Production

To look at the trends of any industry, you must first look at the trends of society. Without this foresight we have seen many industries, once mighty, struggle and fail to be relevant. One need to look no further that the major record labels to see how technology and societal behaviors have torn apart the fabric of an industry they once ruled.

Today, people lead busy lives that leave them with little time to study an art such as engineering. The market has shifted to the musician, the songwriter, the DJ and the beat writer who don't have time to master the art of engineering. People today want instant gratification for their dollar. They want a technology that looks great, is feature packed and ergonomically pleasing.

The future users, will expect most of the work to be done for them. They want their recordings to sound professional without the need to work hard at it. For those that do work hard, and take their art to another level, they will become valuable commodities to the software manufacturers. Software manufacturers will want to package their sound into an easy to use interface that requires no knowledge of engineering or how the sounds were created. You are seeing this already being implemented into the design of many plugins and software.

This progressive trend will eventually lead to audio engineering programs with less traditional engineering features. You will see graphic user interfaces that are laden with pre-programmed setups. Place your audio tracks into this application and select from a variety of presets that will automatically mix your music into the selected style. Make a minor adjustment here or there and you are done. For a musician that knows nothing about engineering, this is brilliant solution for someone that doesn't have the time or budget to hire a professional engineer.


Whatever your home music production goals are, expect to wear many more hats if you plan to make it a career. In order to make a career doing one thing, you must be extraordinary at what you do. Today, the market expects you to be many things all at the same time. The artist's of today have clothing lines, cosmetics, endorsements and movie deals. As they build and grow their "brand" they build a foundation for continued success.

An aggressive approach, with this mindset is the best way to maintain a path of success in the music industry. The home music production world has never had more resources and solutions available with such a high quality and low price point. All the information and tools you need to be successful with your home music production work are here at your fingertips. You don't need millions to take the same approach to making music as the major label artists. You need to be creative, open-minded and willing to work at it.

One of the goals of this website is to teach, those that want to learn, how to approach their recordings the same way professionals do. I want to help you make better music productions wherever you plan to make them. I want you to achieve your music production goals, whatever they might be.

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