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Here's How it Works...

The following is a breakdown of the audio mixing services provided by The process involves 6 basic steps in order to be completed.

Step 1: Consultation
Step 2: Upload Music
Step 3: Mixing
Step 4: Download Reference Mixes
Step 5: Mixing Adjustments
Step 6: Download the Final Mixes

The following describes each step of the audio mixing services process in more detail:

Step 1: The Consultation

Before the mixing process begins, details regarding the music to be mixed must be made by you. A phone consultation will be scheduled so that technical and creative aspects of the project are determined before any work begins.


  • Recording Platform/Software used
  • File Type, Sample Rate and Bit Depth
  • Size of the project
  • How to export the project for upload


  • Style and Direction
  • What is the purpose of the song (who will be listening to it and how will they get it)
  • Reference mixes for stylistic interpretation.

    Once these factors have been determined an invoice will be sent to you for the total cost of the project. I purposefully submit the invoice for audio mixing services after the consultation so that both parties are comfortable that the job will be done as envisioned by you. Although I am comfortable mixing most styles of music, not every connection is a good match. I will not mix a project unless both parties feel comfortable and confident.

    Step 2: Upload the Music

    Depending on the size and number of the songs to be mixed, a variety of different options for uploading, or mailing if necessary, will be made available. Once the best method has been determined, I will load the files into my system so that the work can begin. If there are any issues with the upload, a second consultation may be necessary to take care of any technical issues that may arise.

    Step 3: Mixing

    Once the songs are successfully downloaded by me, the mixing work will begin. Depending on the length of the song, the number of audio tracks and any technical or production issues that arise, most songs are completed one per day. Shorter songs with lower track count can be completed 2 or more per day. Longer songs with a higher track count may take two days to complete.

    As part of the audio mixing services application process a timeframe for the completion of the work will be established. The timeframe for completion will be based on current scheduling and a realistic timeframe for uploading and verification of your songs. No mixing work will begin until all the files are verified.

    Step 4: Download Reference Mixes

    During the course of mixing, 1 or 2 reference mixes will be uploaded for you to listen to. The reference mixes are usually uploaded after the mix is about 80-95% done. The reference mixes are uploaded so that you can monitor the progress of the mix and make any suggestions and adjustments toward the approach of the mix.

    This helps to prevent any misunderstandings regarding your preferences for the sound and direction of the mix. Comments may include general comments on the balances, equalization, compression or effects processing for any part of the song. Example: I want more reverb on the vocals, can you make the guitars louder in the chorus section, make the drums more aggressive sounding, etc…

    More specific comments may reference detailed adjustments. Example: The 3rd line of the vocal in the 1st verse needs to be louder, can you put a quarter note delay on the last vocal line of the bridge section, can you make the snare just a touch brighter, etc…

    Step 5: Mixing Adjustments

    After receiving your comments and feedback regarding the reference mix, adjustments will be made to accommodate your requests. A followup mix will be uploaded for approval before the final mix will be printed. It is typical that most mixes require only one or two adjustments before printing.

    When mixing several songs from the same recording sessions, it is not uncommon for the first couple of songs to require more reference mixes until the specific direction is defined. Once this has been established, it will be easier to mix the remaining songs (hence the discount for more songs). It may be necessary to revisit the first couple of mixes if the direction of the project, as a whole, takes a few songs to fully establish.

    Step 6: Download the Final Mixes

    The final mixes may be downloaded via FTP or delivered through regular mail. The final mixes are typically formatted at the same sample rate and bit depth as the multitrack session. This will preserve the highest level of quality for the mixes prior to mastering. The higher sample rate and bit depth is necessary to keep the quality of the processing during the mastering session at its best before downsampling for the CD production master.

    If you have also hired us to master the final mixes, the files will be provided individually as well as in DDP format for CD manufacturing. In addition to the audio mixing services we provide, a copy of the final multitrack mix session can be provided, upon request, in an archival DVD format for a small additional fee plus shipping.

    Final Thoughts:

    If you have any further questions, regarding our audio mixing services, you can ask them on the form provided below. Check the box for the service(s) you are inquiring about and use the Comments or Questions box to ask your question. If necessary a phone/Skype consultation can be made if the number of questions is too great for the form. I look forward to doing business with you!

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