This page details the audio consulting services provided by Consulting services generally fall into one of 3 basic categories.

1. Music Production Consulting
2. Home Studio Design
3. Equipment and Software Recommendations

1. Music Production Consulting: The purpose of this category is to provide a professional perspective and opinion on your music production work. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Critique of Engineering work (recording, mixing, etc…)
  • Critique of Music Production Work (stylistic approach)
  • Critique of Songwriting

    Each critique will provide a detailed assessment of the quality of the work, what was done well, what was lacking, and recommendations for how to proceed with the production. The consultation is based entirely on constructive criticism and providing resources to help work through creative blocks.

    2. Home Studio Design: I will work specifically within your budget and design a home studio setup that suits all your music production needs. Each job will be custom designed and set up for self installation. A home studio design includes, acoustic treatment design, a room plot outlining the best location for your workstation, recording console and speakers. Each design will be specifically created for you based on your construction or handyman abilities. No job is too big or too small…

    3. Equipment and Software Recommendations: After reviewing your basic music production needs, I will make recommendations for equipment and software purchases. Each recommendation will be based on your specific needs now with an eye on the future. Your budget and technical facility with computers and audio gear will be taken into account for all recommendations.

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    Audio Consulting Services Process

    The following information details the audio consulting services process. Although each case is different, depending on the needs of the consultation, for most the process involves 5 basic steps in order to be completed.

    Step 1: Initial Consultation
    Step 2: Assessment, Research and Design
    Step 3: Options and Resources Consultation
    Step 4: Final Plan Presentation
    Step 5: Followup

    The following describes the process for each in more detail:

    Step 1: Initial Consultation

    An initial consultation is set up to discuss your needs. The initial consultation will cover both technical and creative aspects of what you want to accomplish.

    After the initial consultation an estimate will be sent to you for the total cost of the work to be done. An outline for the project will be designed to determine if the job can be done to your satisfaction and within your budget.

    Step 2: Assessment, Research and Design

    After the initial consultation, a detailed assessment is made of the work to be done. If necessary or applicable, additional research and design work may be done to produce solutions that fit within your budget. Music production work will involve a detailed critique of the provided material.

    Step 3: Options and Resources Consultation

    In this part of the audio consulting services process, we will discuss the options available to you for Home Studio Design and Equipment and Software Recommendations. Based on your feedback, a final plan will then be created.

    For Music Production Consultations an initial assessment of the provided material will be presented and discussed.

    Step 4: Final Plan Presentation

    Once all final decisions have been made a final plan will be presented. In the case of a Home studio Design, the plans will be presented with resources for any materials that are required.

    For Equipment and Software Recommendations, links will be provided for the best purchase price, new or used.

    For Music Production Consultations, specific recommendations may be presented based on the feedback from the Options and Resources Consultation.

    Step 5: Followup

    Should any questions or problems arise from the Final Plan Presentation, a followup consultation may be scheduled to clarify the details of the plan. If necessary, revised plans will be designed to accommodate unforeseen issues.


    Free 15 minute initial phone consultation. All subsequent services are $150 per hour. Whole project rates are negotiable.

    Final Thoughts:

    If you have any further questions, regarding our Audio Consulting Services, you can submit them on the form provided below. Check the box for the service(s) you are inquiring about and use the Comments or Questions box to ask your question. If necessary a phone/Skype consultation can be requested if the number of questions is too great for the form.

    I look forward to doing business with you!

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