Waves Plugins Classes

This is an 8 week course on the entire Waves Plugins collection. There are 8 two-hour live classes that each focus on a different category of Waves vast collection. Each plugin is described and taught from the perspective of it's original design and purpose.

In addition to the classes, there are over 100 support videos that describe each plugin in detail with examples of their practical application. This course is designed for music producers, engineers and artists who want to understand their Waves Plugin collection more fully.

Check out the Class Program and the introductory video at the bottom of this page for more details...

The Program


Class 1: Waves Basics and the WaveSystem Toolbar

This is an introduction to the entire Waves Plugins system and the WaveSystem Toolbar.

  • Waves System Overview
  • Waves License Center
  • Waves Interface Controls
  • WaveSystem Toolbar
  • Waves Bundles

Class 2: Waves EQ Plugins

These lessons cover the whole collection of Waves EQ Plugins

  • Waves Basic EQs
  • Waves SSL EQs
  • Waves API EQs
  • Waves V-EQ
  • Waves Pultec EQs
  • Waves Helios EQ
  • Waves Hybrid EQ

Class 3: Waves Compressor, Gate and DeEsser Plugins

Waves has a multitude of powerful dynamics processors. These lessons cover their fundamental design and application.

  • Waves C-Series Compressors
  • Waves Renaissance Compressors
  • Waves Vintage Outboard Compressors
  • Waves Vintage Console Compressors
  • Waves Specialty Dynamic Processors

Class 4: Waves Limiter and Multiband Compressor Plugins

These lessons focus on Waves Limiters and Multiband Compressors.

  • Waves Limiters
  • Waves Multiband Limiters
  • Waves Multiband Compressors
  • Waves Max Volume Compressor

Class 5: Waves Reverb and Delay and Effects Plugins

These lessons cover reverb and effects processing.

  • Waves RVerb and TrueVerb
  • Waves IR
  • Waves Delay Plugins
  • Waves Modulation Plugins

Class 6: Waves Vocal Plugins

These lessons cover Vocal Specific plugins

  • Waves Tune
  • Waves Vocal Rider
  • Waves Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter
  • Waves Renaissance Vox
  • Waves Vocal Processors

Class 7: Waves Signature Series Plugins

These Lessons cover the Signature Series Plugins

  • Waves Tony Maserati
  • Waves Jack Joseph Puig
  • Waves Chris Lord-Alge
  • Waves Eddie Kramer

Class 8: Waves Specialty Plugins

These final lessons cover the remaining Waves Specialty Plugins.

  • Waves Kramer Tape and NLS
  • Waves One Knob Plugins
  • Waves GTR Plugins
  • Waves Stereo Imaging Plugins
  • Waves Meters Plugins
  • Waves Restoration Plugins

This is a 2 hour preview class to give you an idea of what the Waves Classes are all about...

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Part 2
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