The Mastering Course is a comprehensive 8 week study in the art of mastering audio in the modern recording studio environment. These  mastering classes are designed for those who want to learn the art of mastering from a 26 year professional in the music industry. You will learn how to master your own music production work and the work of other artists and music producers.

You do not need to have a pristine listening environment to do quality mastering work. You need to learn how to listen, what to listen for and how to apply the tools you have to acheive the results you desire.

In addition to the 8 two-hour mastering classes, you will also have access 40 additional Lessons that provide depth and detail for each week’s specific topic. The Lessons Include:

  • Support Videos
  • Audio Programs
  • Articles
  • Downloadable Support Materials
  • Access to the Replay of all live classes
  • Ask questions directly through the live classes or online forums

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The Program


Class 1: What is Mastering and the Mastering Process

This is an introduction to the art of Mastering audio, defining what it is and explaining its role in the music production process.

  • What is Mastering
  • Mastering vs. Pre-Mastering
  • The Evolution of Mastering
  • A History of Loudness
  • Modern Mastering
  • The Mastering Process, Step by Step

Class 2: Mastering Software and Hardware

There are many forms of Mastering Software. Some are focussed purely on processing audio and others offer advanced editing features and the ability to create CD Masters.

  • Basic Mastering Plugins
  • Advanced Mastering Plugins
  • CD Mastering Software
  • Mastering Hardware
  • Restoration Software

Class 3: Equalization in Depth

These lessons focus on the application of Equalization in the Mastering Process

  • Why Mastering EQs are Different
  • Working With Filters
  • Additive Equalization – Not So Much
  • EQ in the Processing Chain

Class 4: Compression and Limiting in Depth

These lessons focus on Compression and Limiting Techniques in the Mastering Process.

  • The Concept of Frequency Density
  • Mastering Compression Techniques
  • Mastering Limiter Techniques
  • MultiBand Compression Techniques
  • MultiBand Limiter Techniques

Class 5: Depth and Imaging Techniques

Size is about much more than just frequencies and compression, it’s also about depth and focused imaging. These lessons uncover valuable depth and imaging techniques to squeeze out all the size you can get from a mix.

  • The 3D Sound-Field
  • Stereo vs. M/S Processing
  • Early Reflections and Reverb
  • Exciters and Imaging Plugins
  • Mono Compatibility

Class 6: Levels and Loudness

Love it or hate it loudness is a inescapable part of the modern music production environment. This is about more than just making your mix louder than the next guy’s mix, it is about adapting your mixes to the many ways people listen to music and the environments they listen in.

  • Meters and Metering Techniques
  • Loudness vs. Levels
  • Compression Techniques for Loudness
  • Brick Wall Limiters
  • MultiBand Peak Limiting Techniques
  • The Upside and Downside to Maximizing Gain

Class 7: Mastering For CD

The process of mastering audio for CD involves a number of additional steps and considerations to get the best results from the manufacturing process.

  • Song Order
  • Editing, Relative Levels and Spacing
  • CD Subcodes and CD Text
  • ISRC and UPC/EAN Codes
  • DDP vs. CDR Masters (Red Book)
  • Glass Masters and the Manufacturing Process
  • Mastering Documentation

Class 8: Exporting and Conversion

After all the processing and preparation work is done, the final master must be exported and converted to the necessary formats for distribution. These lessons discuss

  • Understanding Bit Depth and Dithering
  • Exporting the CD/DDP Master
  • Exporting Individual Masters
  • Format Conversion for iTunes and Internet
  • Dealing with Meta Data
  • Final Thoughts…

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